2014 RULES



  1. No factory type shoulder belts or straps can be used. Racing belts are required on shoulders and seat and are not to be more than one (3) years old.
  2. Helmet: Snell 90, SA 95 or better recommended.
  3. Window nets, neck braces & fire suits are mandatory.
  1. Any American OEM full body rear wheel drive passenger car. 1970 or newer, full frame or unibody car. Frame must match body and body must be OEM mounts in stock location.
  2. Wheelbase must match car, with no difference in length from side to side.
  3. Frame must remain unaltered. Frames may be “X” braced.
  4. Factory floor pan must remain unaltered.
  5. Camaros and Firebirds allowed. Strut cars allowed. Unibody cars may tie frames together.
  6. Trailing arms must match car and remain unaltered.
  7. Front shocks must be inside of coil springs.
  8. Frame can be tubed – round or square from center of rear end housing to rear bumper.
  9. May not alter spring buckets, must remain stock.
  1. Main cage must consist of continuous hoops. 1.75” O.D. tubing, with a wall thickness of at least. 095” low carbon or mild steel.
  2. Four post roll cage required, front down bars & rear hoop must be welded to OEM frame. Driver’s head must not protrude outside roll cage with helmet on.
  3. Rear hoop must have “X” brace. Front down bars must be tied together.
  4. All door bars and uprights must be min 1.75” x  .095” wall thickness.
  5. Minimum of three door bars on driver side, parallel to ground, & perpendicular to driver. Minimum of four (4) uprights tied from front to top door bar on driver side and minimum of three (3) uprights on passenger side or “X” the passenger side.
  6. Driver’s side 1/8” thick doorplate is mandatory. Steel only.


  1. All bodies must be OEM in OEM location & match body.
  2. Five (5) inch Spoilers OK.
  3. Hole in hood OK – hood scoops OK.
  4. Lower side skirting OK.
  5. You are allowed to skin doors.
  1. Minimum of three (3) windshield bars in front of driver.
  2. Aluminum high back racing seat only, bolted to cage. Seat may be no further back than front edge of B-pillar.
  3. All holes in floor board and fires walls must be covered with sheet metal. No other interior covers allowed. Boxing in driver’s compartment allowed


  1. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM rubber A-frame bushing only.
  1. All components must be steel unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM steering column may be replaced with steel steering shafts (collapsible steering shaft recommended) with steel knuckles only.
  3. No steering quickeners, or remote power steering reservoirs.
  4. Steering wheel and quick release may be aluminum.
  5. Power steering pump must be OEM.
  6. No aftermarket steering parts.
  1. One (1) OEM or OEM replacement shock per wheel. Racing shocks allowed.
  2. All four (4) shocks must be in stock location and stock mountings.
  1. One steel spring only in OEM stock location.
  2. NO adjustable shackles.
  1. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM, in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM rubber control arm bushing only.
  3. No independent rear suspension allowed.
  4. No pan hard bars, spring rubbers, chains or cables allowed.
  1. Must be OEM for that car, GM-to-GM & Ford to Ford with the exception below. Must run OEM axles.
  2. Must weld spider gears or may run mini spool. No torque dividing or limited slip differentials allowed. No aluminum spools allowed.
  3. 9 inch Ford rear ends allowed.
  1. Bumpers must be approved OEM in OEM location. May have tube bumpers as long as they fit the car to OEM type bumpers.
  2. Bumpers must be capped on the ends, with NO sharp edges.
  1. IMCA Hoosiers, street tires, Southwest Speed 8 inch tires OK. G60 Dirt or KK 704 American Racer tire OK. Hoosier 8″ asphalt pull offs allowed, no new tires.
  2. 10 inch wheels allowed. Only 1 bead lock allowed Right Rear ONLY.
  3. Wheel spacers allowed. No adapters allowed.
  4. One-inch OD lug nuts mandatory on all four (4) wheels.
  5. No bleeder valves.
  6. Grooving OK.
  1. Steel, unaltered OEM or unaltered OEM replacement, operative on all 4 wheels.
  2. Brakes must match car. Master cylinder must be OEM location.
  3. No antilock brake systems. No aftermarket brake pedal assemblies, brake shut-off, or bias adjusters allowed.
  4. Steel brake lines only. May drill flanges and rotors to take larger wheel studs. Disc brakes or Drum brakes.
  1. OEM cast iron manifolds only. No ram horn type exhaust. . NO AFTERMARKET MANIFOLDS. Headers NOT Allowed
  2. Must run exhaust pipes. No pipe on either side can be any longer than four (4) foot long.
  3. Exhaust must be under car type and must extend 24″ past the driver seat and secured properly.
  1. Must run OEM mechanical push rod fuel pump only.
  2. A. OEM 4 barrel Rochester Quadra Jet carburetor: May remove choke plate. B. 2 barrel Holly (4412) with 1-inch adapter to manifold: No modification – stock only. C. Spread bore Holley carburetors: Must be a single line, single pump, vacuum secondary and must bolt directly to cast iron Quadra Jet intake manifold with 1-inch adapter only (Edelbrock 600) with no modifications.
  3. Must run fuel cell, with metal container enclosure. 22 gallon maximum.
  4. Pump gas ONLY, NO racing fuel – NO alcohol.
  1. 3500 lbs. with driver after the race on scales.
  2. Bolt on weight is OK and should be painted white with your car number.
  3. No lightening of car by any means allowed except the removal of unneeded sheet metal and under hood equipment.
  1. One 12-volt car battery only.
  2. Must be mounted in approved battery box.
  3. Must run OEM distributor.
  1. Coolers must be mounted in front of radiator.
  2. All forward and reverse gears must be operational.
  3. A.   Manual: Must be unaltered OEM 3 or 4 speeds, with minimum 10.5” clutch.            1. Hydraulic clutch release bearings are OK.            2. Steel unaltered flywheel only with minimum weight of 24 lbs and stock type pressure plate. NO altering allowed. B. Automatic: Must be unaltered OEM, with unaltered pump.             1. Must be in original bell housing, with minimum 10” torque converter and converter must hold minimum of three (3) quarts of fluid.             2. Must have shield around outside of converter housing. Flex plate must be full, unaltered OEM, or OEM replacement.
  4. Drive shaft MUST BE PAINTED WHITE and must have a safety chain or drive shaft loop.
  5. Must have blow-proof bell housing.
  1. Engine must be OEM location using OEM mounting holes for V8 motor mounts. Motor mounts must be OEM stock.
  2. Cross member must remain stock and unaltered in the stock location.
  3. Stroke must match block. NO 400 or larger cubic inch parts allowed.
  4. Maximum 361 c.i. for GMs, 363 c.i for Fords & 370 c.i.for Mopars.
  5. Must use OEM or OEM like pistons. Flat top pistons only.
  6. Stroke 3.48” for GMs and 3.5” for Fords & Mopars – Rod 5.75” GM, Ford & Mopar.
  7. TSS approved OEM GM cylinder head. No Vortex head. No Ford after-market SVO heads. No Mopar after-market W-2 heads. 360 heads only. No aftermarket heads allowed. NONE.
  8. No 305 heads allowed on GM 350. 305 heads can only be on a 305 GM block.
  9. No headwork can be done on the heads. Only machine shop work will be flat milled only. No angle milling. No cutting heads for larger springs, valve guides or bosses.
  10. 190 intake valves. 150 exhaust valves. Must have four (4) valve reliefs.
  11. Open chamber heads only. Must pass 76 c.c. test. No close chamber heads allowed. NONE.
  12. No roller rocker arms. No roller tip rocker arms. Must use stock rocker ratio of 1.5” for GM. May use screw in studs.
  13. Cannot machine block, other than flat surface deck height. Piston cannot be higher than block. No zero piston deck height allowed.
  14. Intake must have unaltered OEM 4-barrel cast iron Quadra Jet manifold. No aluminum hi-rise, marine, or vortex intakes. No porting polishing or alterations of any kind to head and/or intake.
  15. Aluminum water pump and crankshaft pulleys are OK.
  16. Camshaft lift not to exceed .450” at the valve on intake/exhaust. No tolerance. This is basically a stock profile camshaft. No special grinds are allowed. Hydraulic only. OEM ONLY. No bleed down lifters.
  17. Must pull 16” of vacuum at 1000 RPM after race.

MINI Stock:                

 Frame & Body

1.  American passenger car only.  No convertibles.

2.  Front or Rear wheel drive cars.

3.  Wheelbase Max 103”

4.  Steel or Aluminum bodies; 64” max width of body; 6 inch spoiler max.

5.  Fabricated bodies may resemble late model or modified type race cars

6.  Aftermarket polypropylene nose pieces allowed; 64” max width

7.  One (1) loop bar or chain on both ends mandatory for tow hookups

8.  No mirrors

9.   Tube frames allowed (must add more weight and or decrease rev limiter)

10.  Full OEM frames only

11. Numbers must be on both doors & top of car. Must be at least 4” thick & 20” high.

12.If frame or chassis is fabricated from rear kick up to rear of car add 200lbs


1.  2350lbs minimum with driver after race (must add more weight and or decrease rev limiter)

2.  Any bolt on weight must be securely mounted

3.  All bolt on weight must be painted white and have car number on it

4. NO bolt on weight in driver compartment!

Roll Bars

1.   4 point steel cage mandatory

2.  1 ½ diameter; .095 wall with gussets as needed welded to (4) 4×4 plate bolted to floor

3.  Bars may pass thru firewall forward or rear

4.  3 door bars inside the driver’s door mandatory

5.  Galvanized aluminum or exhaust tubing is not permitted

6.  Approved padding must be used at any point where driver contact might occur

7.  Maximum number of places roll cage may be anchored to car is six (6)

8.  All bars around drivers head must be padded for safety

9.  Must have minimum of one (1) cross bar in top halo of roll cage


1. Full face Helmets are required and must be a minimum of SA2005 with certification label inside helmet

2.  Helmets must be worn at all times car is on track

3.  SFI approved flame/fire retardant fire suits, gloves and shoes are mandatory

4.  An approved head/neck restraint system is optional (Hans, G-force, Hutchens or SFI rated neck collar

5.  Nomex underwear is highly recommended

6.  Seat belts and shoulder harness cannot be more than three years old

7.  The date of manufacture should remain visible at all times

7.  A lever-type quick release latch must be fastened to the lap belt

8.  All seat belts and shoulder harnesses must connect at the lap belt with a quick-release buckle acceptable to series officials

9.  Only custom manufactured racing aluminum seats acceptable to officials

10.  All seats should have padded rib protectors

11.  All seats are required to have a head rest on the right side

12.  All belts must be a minimum of three (3) inches wide

13.  Belts must be bolted to the roll cage with no less than 3/8inch bolt

14.  A center, crotch belt must be securely mounted to the lower seat frame at the bottom and to the lap seat belt on the top

15.  Where the belts pass through the seat edges, it must have a grommet installed, be rolled, and/or padded to prevent cutting of the belt

16.  Window nets are mandatory

17.  Windshield must have three (3) bars in front of driver.

18.  Driver’s head must not protrude outside cage with helmet on and strapped in driver’s seat.

Fuel Cells

1.  12 gallon max fuel cell (Must be placed in the trunk area and below impact area)

2.  Fuel cells are mandatory

3.  Must have screw or lock type cars

4.    Must be securely strapped with a minimum of two 2”inch thick steel straps



1.  Four (4) cylinder engines only

2.  145 cubic inch limit

3.  Any flat tappet camshaft

4.  Adjustable cam gear allowed

5.  Rotary and/or Turbo engines are not permitted

6.  No roller anything may touch the cam shaft

7.  No Aluminum heads (Toyota must add more weight and or decrease rev limiter)

8.  Headers must be pointed down or to the rear

9.    Engines must be in original position (No setback)

10. OEM Block

11. 5.7 Max Rod Length

12. 2300 Crank Only

13. No Crankshaft work (lightning, etc..)

14. Maximum stroke 3.126

15. 1” inspection plug in oil pan above oil level


1. Stock Holley 350 ONLY – (checked w/ go-no-go)

2. Stock Intake NO altering

3. One (1) inch MAX. spacer

4. Two (2) throttle return springs mandatory mounted to engine


1.  Racing shocks and springs ok

2.  OEM stock spindles only

3.  Adjustable spring buckets ok


1.  Quick release style only

2.  Steering quickner ok

3.  Steering box must remain in stock location

Rearends, Transmission, Clutch, Flywheels

1.  Any stock transmission

2.  Stock rearends: locked rearend ok

3.  No lightweight or aluminum flywheels

4. Flywheel weight must be 20lbs minimum

5. Stock OEM Clutch


1. Gas ONLY….NO alcohol

Battery: 1 Battery only and must be mounted securely away from the impact area.

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

1.  All wheels & tires must be same size

2.  13, 14, 15 inch in diameter tires only. Max. tire size allowed, any DOT Highway legal 225 series. MUST be available by retail to the public. Hoosier Stocker 195/70-14 Allowed.

3.  Max 7” wide wheel

4.  Beadlock right rear only

5.  Oversized 1″ lug nut required for all four (4) wheels

6.   1 wheel spacer allowed

7.  Stock brake systems only.

8.    Brake adjusters allowed front to back ONLY






BODY COMPONENTS:1. Any type of sprint car chassis is allowed.

2. Wheel base, minimum 84 inches, maximum 102 inches, measured from center of the front hub to the center of the rear hub.

3. Minimum weight, including driver 1,575 pounds. Cars may be weigh at any time. Fluids used or parts lost during a race may not be added to make weight. No tolerance. Add-on weights must be bolted with a minimum of two 3/8” bolts and double nut and/or weight clamps. They must also be painted white with car number present.

4. No titanium bolts on any part of car.

TIRES & WHEELS:1. Hoosier right rear part #38221 medium compound. Tire size 105-16-15 medium compound.

2. Insert type, foam rubber wheel cover or covers that are securely fastened to the wheels are the only style wheel cover that are acceptable.

3. Wheel type optional. Bead locks optional. Left rear wheel and tire can be no wider than 18 ½” cross-section; this will be measured using a hoop.

SAFETY:1. All cars subject to inspection at any time and must be free of mechanical defects and be in safe racing condition.

2. Full face racing helmets meeting Snell 2000 standard required and must be worn at all times the car is on the track and accompany vehicle at time of inspection.

3. Bucket seats are mandatory and must be factory manufactured. Only approved seat installation and seat structure accepted. Seat must be properly installed, and seat backrest cannot be moved back farther than the roll cage rear main hoop. No car will be permitted in competition unless seat is properly installed.

4. Fire suits, shoes, gloves, and neck collars are mandatory and must be worn at all times during racing.

5. A 3” wide safety belt and shoulder harness with 2 belts over shoulders, and of a quick-release type are required.

6. Shock-resistant roll cage padding on all bars that driver’s head, legs and arms may contact with while strapped in seat is required. A padded, functional headrest in line with the center of the driver’s head is mandatory. Right side head restraint is mandatory.

7. Two throttle return springs and a steel toe strap on throttle is mandatory.

8. Front rock screen from top of hood to top of front halo and from roll bar to roll bar is required. Maximum 2”x 4” openings.

9. There must be a 2” minimum clearance between driver’s head (with helmet) and top of roll cage (without padding). Loops may be used and must be constructed of the same tubing requirements as frame. These must be added in a safe manner.

FUEL: Methanol ONLY. No performance additives.

NUMBERS: Only two digit numbers may be used. No three digit numbers will be accepted. No letters or symbols with numbers. No duplicate numbers. Paint numbers in contrasting colors on both sides of tail and on nose. No Mylar or reflective type material may be used. Numbers must be a minimum of 9” tall. Make numbers BIG, not fancy and kept clean for scorers.

FUEL PUMP: Fuel pump type is optional. No pressurized fuel system.

ULL CELL WITH BLADDER is mandatory. A fuel shutoff valve within easy reach of the driver required. No vinyl or plastic fuel lines allowed. Fuel cell must be securely mounted. No car can start a race with more than 40 gallons of fuel.

CARBURETOR: One (1) two(2) barrel Holley carburetor not to exceed 500 cfm. No solenoids. Carburetor will be checked using a GO-NO-GO gauge. Carburetor venturibore, throttle plate bore, throttle shaft diameter, and booster size will be checked using GO-NO-GO gauges. Measurements are as follows: Venturibore max 1.390”, throttle plate bore max. 1.700”, throttle shaft diameter min. .180”, booster height size min. . 435”, booster size interior max of .385”, exterior booster max. .6600”. The use of fuel injection, supercharger, turbo charger, nitrous oxide or water injection will not be allowed.

DRIVELINES: All drivelines must be broken in the coupler or rear slider. Torque arm drivelines may not be used. All drivelines must be enclosed and contain no more than one U-joint or CV-joint and that one must be at the front of the driveline

IGNITION: Any ignition mechanically driver in stock location. No crank triggers.

MUFFLER: None required.

SHOCKS: Steel or aluminum shocks allowed. Adjustable shocks allowed but CAN NOT be cockpit adjustable.


INTAKE MANIFOLD: 1. Any dual plane intake. Cast iron or aluminum.

2. No porting or polishing of any kind.

3. Steel intakes may be ported.

4. May run up to a 4″ spacer.

5. No single plane intakes.

ENGINE: 283, 302, 305, 327 and 350 blocks can be used for Chevrolet. No big blocks. OEM only.

2. Only 260, 289, 302, and 351 blocks can be used for Ford. No big blocks. OEM only.

3. Only 273, 318, 340 and 360 blocks can be used for Mopar. No big blocks. OEM only. No hemis.

4. All casting numbers must remain on blocks. No side bolt main blocks allowed.

5. No 400 small block or big block crankshafts allowed. This goes for Ford, Chevy or Mopar.

6.  4-cylinders Not allowed.  V-6′s Not allowed. No in-lines. V-8′s ONLY.

7. Again: only Ford, Chevy or Mopar engines are allowed.

8. Mopar – Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge. 370 cubic inch maximum.

9. Ford – Ford and Mercury. 368 cubic inch maximum.

10. Chevy – Pontiac, Buick, Oldsmobile as long as they are Chevrolet engines. 368 cubic inch maximum.

11. No tolerance on cubic inch.

12. Cylinder head; may use Engine Quest (EQ) stock replacement (SR) cylinder head. Part #CH3501. Head must remain as produced. Value sizes cannot be changed. 194 intake and 150 exhaust. No porting or polishing.

13. If after market cylinder heads are used you must run stock diameter springs.

14. Must have an inspection hole in the oil pan.

CHEVROLET * FORD * MOPAR: 1. Any flat top pistons is legal.

2. OEM blocks only. No Dart or after market blocks. No aluminum. Cylinder sleeves okay. Polishing lifter galley, okay.

3. Any steel rod. 5.7 length

4. OEM cranks only. Steel or cast. Balancing okay. No splayed main caps. After market cranks allowed if stock replacement/stock weight.

5. After market rod, main and head bolts or studs allowed. Push rods may be any length.

6. Stock or circle track pans allowed. No dry sumps. No gas ported pistons.

7. Fluid dampener harmonic balancer is allowed. No roller rod, main, or cam bearings.

8. Chevy, Ford and Mopar water pumps may be aluminum. OEM type only. Mechanically belt driven only.

9. Any brand of air cleaner allowed.

10. 3.48 stroke maximum for Chevy. Balancing okay.

11. Engine displacement can be checked by pump even on protest.

12. Oil filters must attach at factory specs.

CAMS: 1. Hydraulic lift cams only. Must have 12″ of vacuum at 1200 rpms. Timing or carburetor may not be altered at time of tech, if vacuum used. It is the tracks discretion as to which way they want to check cam, even on the protest. Must have vacuum fitting in intakes. If track opts to use vacuum for tech, tech by vacuum will be final.

2. No hydraulic roller cam or lifters. No bronze bushings in the lifter bore or similar pieces. Up to four bronze bushings will be allowed in lifter bore for repair. Hydraulic lifters only. No solid cams or solid lifters allowed.

3. Anti-pump up lifters okay. No gear drives.

4. No reverse rotation cams or motors. OEM rotation only.

5. No vacuum cams of any type allowed.

HEADS: 1. No porting, acid dipping, or polishing allowed. Screw-in studs and guides plates are legal.

2. Stock diameter springs only for heads used. Springs up to 1.440 are allowed due to Ford and Chrysler having the same size spring.

3. Milling heads allowed.

4. Any type rocker will be allowed.

5. No titanium components allowed. No carbon fiber parts anywhere.

6. Poly-locks are allowed. Heads may be cut 360 degrees under valves in bowl area only.

7. 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 angle valve jobs are legal.

8. No O-ringing block or heads.

9. Any breather/valve cover configuration/composition is allowed.

10. Due to Fords and Mopars having no cc rule, neither will Chevy’s.

11. If after market cylinder heads are used you must run stock diameter springs and valve sizes. 194-150

12. Engine Quest stock replacement head only. Part # CH350I

13. Stud girdles allowed.


1. Only these casting numbers can be used: 997, 445, 882, 624, 441, 487, 993, 185. These are the last three digits and they are the only ones legal.

2. No valves larger than 202 intake or 1.60 exhaust.


1. Any cast iron head. OEM Ford heads only.

2. No Boss or after market heads of any kind.

3. No valves larger than 204 intake or 1.70 exhaust.


1. Any cast iron head. OEM Mopar only.

2. No after market heads of any kind.

3. Mopar can use the rocker arm bars. OEM only.

4. No valves larger than 2.04 intake or 1.70 exhaust.


  1. Each race will be 200 laps, or until the last car running, whichever comes first.
  2. PURSE: 1st- $1300, 2nd- $800, 3rd- $500, 4th- $300, 5th- $200, 6th _  .$100, 7th- 10th $50. This purse is GUARANTEED with 50+ entries.
  3. Drivers, riders, and lap counter / scorer must be signed in 1 hour prior to the event.
  4. Entry fee is only $30 per car and pit passes are $30. Riders must purchase a pit pass. All riders must come with their driver to the registration window to sign release and pay their  fee.
  5. Each driver must provide their own scoring spotter. If you do not have your own scorer, you will not be allowed to compete in the race.
  6. Car & Body: Absolutely NO race cars allowed in this event. That would include any car running in any division at any race track in the past and present. THIS RACE IS FOR STRICTLY STOCK CARS!
  7. Any 1960 or newer 2-door or 4-door car is eligible. NO vans, NO convertibles, NO four wheel drives, NO jeep type vehicles. The only trucks allowed are ½ ton or smaller 2-door pickup trucks. Cars may be rear or front wheel drive. 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines are ok. Minimum stock wheelbase allowed is 100 inches for V-8,  88 inches for V-6 or 4 cylinder….NO TURBOS.
  8. Roll cage 4 point is optional, if just the driver then minimum 1 roll over bar behind driver, if a passenger you will have a minimum 2 point  behind driver and rider. Gutting of factory interior panels only allowed for roll cage clearance. Example: You may remove the inner door bracing if you are replacing it with door bars.
  9. NO bracing in the bumper areas. However, bumpers should be chained or cabled as a safety item to help retain the bumper.
  10. All doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut.
  11. Windshield must be removed. MUST HAVE steel safety screen or bars on windshield opening. Side and rear window glass must be removed. All mirrors must be removed.
  12. Racing approved shoulder harness and lap belts are recommended. Racing seats allowed.
  13. The rear seat shelf must be left in as a fire stop and any openings to the trunk area must be enclosed.
  14. Complete bumper to bumper steel uni-body must be retained. No lightening permitted.
  15. The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunk and wheel wells must be retained.
  16. Cars must retain their strictly stock appearance, no cutting, chopping, channeling or shortening allowed. Hoods must be kept in place at all times.
  17. Gas tanks must be original and in stock mounting position. Rupture of your gas tank and/or loss of gas will require an immediate BLACK flag.
  18. Batteries may be relocated in a securely fastened covered plastic or rubber container.
  19. All plastic grills must be removed or replaced with screen mesh. Headlights, taillights and their trim must be removed. All outer trim must be removed.
  20. Mesh window nets are permitted, but must be removable.
  21. Only ONE rider per car.
  22. MANDATORY One fire extinguisher per vehicle. The fire extinguisher must be mounted securely to the floor board.
  23. Car Numbers: The doors (front doors on 4-door vehicles) will be used to paint the car number.
  24. Minimum number size 18 inches tall that YOU must paint with bright contrasting color. If number is not clearly readable from scorer’s tower, your car may not be scored.
  25. Suspension: Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model car. No spacers, lumber or chains, etc. may be used to alter stock suspension of that car.
  26. Wheels: Stock steel or original equipment aluminum wheels only.
  27. Tires: DOT legal tires must pass thru a 9 inch hoop at the bulge. This will be enforced on all entries including pickup trucks. No Gumball tires. NO “DOT” stamped racing tires. NO truck tires. NO all-terrain tires. NO mud tires. NO treated tires. NO grooving or siping allowed. You will be allowed to change flat tires and must be done ONLY in designated area in the infield.
  28. Weight: NO additional weight may be added to the car.
  29. Engine: The engines must be strictly stock for that model and make and in its original mounts. NO aftermarket external oil coolers. A/C and heat components may be removed. Smog equipment may be removed and allows for the removal of catalytic converters. Air cleaner to oil pan must be all factory equipment! Original or stock replacement exhaust system. NO aftermarket headers. Mufflers required. NO straight pipes.
  30. Transmission: Stock transmission and rear end only. NO aftermarket external oil coolers.
  31. Radiators: Only one radiator can be used. Radiator must remain in original position and may use aftermarket radiator, no coolant or gas lines in the driver area of car.
  32. Miscellaneous: NO locked rears. Full face helmet required.
  33. Starting Position: This will be determined by pill draw. 
  34. NO radios or push-to-talk devices may be used to communicate with driver.



3 thoughts on “Rules

  1. we are interested in possible racing next year at your track in the factory or street stock class. Also would like to know what the winnings are for those classes. Thank you

    • Hello and thank you for your interest to race at our track. We are still working on a new payout and working on our rules.

  2. my question is carbureted 4 bangers aint as plentiful as they once where whats up on a fuel injected four cylinder class or maybe be legal to run with the mini stocks i got a 240sx with a ka24de that i thought would be fun to build

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